Worcester is my home town – It’s a nice place to visit, and there are some parts that are really nice to live, too.

I lived there until I was 29 and for a small city, it has some great night life, a beautiful countryside and is pretty spectacular.

As a small city, it is full of it’s characters and many people know many people.

There are certain things you have to love about Worcester and certain things not so much – in fact you could probably break that down by the various dependent localities in Worcester, but then that isn’t a list I would like to populate and publicise.

I moved away from Worcester about 5 years ago, but I barely go a week without reading the Worcester News – The thought of missing something really juicy happening to someone I know of, is a secretly devastating one.

Take for example the conviction of a bloke that murdered his girlfriend in a flat the other side of the river –  The same chap served time for attempting to attack me and this killing could not have been very long after his release from that.

I am going off on one though, that’s hardly a fair depiction of ‘everyone’ in Worcester – In fact I am privileged to have met  and spent time with a great number of absolutely remarkably kind, considerate, charitable and otherwise amazing people, there.

There are views all over Worcester that are stunning and picturesque at any time of year – There are so many great bars and clubs – On one of my birthday nights out, we attempted to bar hop along new Street and only made it halfway, before deciding to head off to the clubs instead.

The  atmosphere of a night out in Worcester is very ‘How-I-met-your-mother-I-am-totally-Barney-and-not Ted’

I moved up to the North-East of England and this is said to be the nightclub capital of the UK.

Having had many drunken nights out in both – I can tell you there is very little to discern between them – The only obvious difference to me, is it is slightly more high-brow in the NE, I never got so lost in a bar or club in Newcastle, that I couldn’t find the people I was with, or tell you exactly which bar and club I was in at the time.

This is because Worcester has so many interconnecting bars and clubs, you can go into one and leave another, during a night quite easily – There are also rooms in certain clubs that I have only ever been in two or three times, despite having been to them a hundred times in between.

For dining, I know a great number of places in Worcester I would recommend to absolutely anyone – there are only a handful I could recommend with a huge level of enthusiasm in the North East.

…even though all of this is true, there is something about living in the North-East which I loved so much more – it could just be the friendly atmosphere and warm reception you get from speaking to people up there and I found it really easy to make good friends there, too.

There is something so warm and so safe that although Newcastle is a relatively big City, I though nothing of walking it alone in the dead hours of the night, even through the city centre.

Now I am living in Northamptonshire, Wellingborough in fact. The place seems fine, but my social life has died down quite a bit since moving down here – The reason I moved though, is to be with the fair maiden that is now my Fiancee and Mother to my Son, Amy.

…and to be fair, for them, I would live in the worst place I could ever think of.

(Wellingborough is NOT the WORST place I can think of, by the way)