Who is Chris Smith and ‘How Many?’

This Chris Smith was born in Worcester, UK and though it took me a long time to leave the place I have moved the length of the country twice since.

Answering the question of who I am is a little tricky, do you define someone by what they do, or by what they have done and is that necessarily who someone really is?

There are very many Chris Smiths in the world and loads of them are significantly more important than me, most of the ones you’ll find from off of the internet are likely to be sports stars, politicians and of course Newsreaders.



I could throw a stone from my place of work and land on another one (CHRIS SMITH) who has a work history with a bit of overlap, we may have even not met, for the fact I was in the same office as him at a previous role and my back was turned to him – He was having a conversation I was not involved in.

There is also a chance that that was in actual fact a different Chris Smith, too.

We’re not all defined by our work either, but if you search for me by name and job title, there are 10 results on the first page, none of them are me – If you go for my abbreviated job title, this shows another 10 results, none of those are me either.

:: UPDATE 12.12.2016 :: Apparently I do now show on first page in Google for both – but this could change again, easily.

You might have more luck trying by location, you might not, it depends what day it is – The great thing about my name is it affords me quite a bit of anonymity.

Who I really am is just another person trying to get along and make his mark on the world – My highest level of pride comes from being a great Dad to my Son, and there are some amazingly impressive close second places for significant achievements in my life.

My Son by the way is 2, the highest he has ever counted just from repeating the numbers I have said, parrot fashion is 142 – which is pretty amazing.

It’s one of his favourite questions, at the moment – ‘How Many?’ Every time he sees a pattern of repetition of similar objects, wants to count them – His second favourite question he likes to ask is ‘What colour?’ – It’s fascinating watching someone who is so clearly bright and very young engaging with the world when everything is new to him.

Literally, walking past the chilled section of milk in the shop gets him counting them, telling you the colours of all the different lids and making Moo-ing cow noises and if you are as patient as I am, especially when it comes to making time for him, a trip to the shop is something you need to really make time for.

The same walk to the shop this evening was pleasantly delayed by it being the bin collection day for the street and him saying how many and saying what colour they were, as well as the colour of every car that we passed, or passed us.

I also realised at this time that he doesn’t refer to them as Bins – he refers to them as ‘in the bins’, because apparently the only time I refer to bins is to say something needs to go in them.

It doesn’t matter how many Chris Smiths there are in the world, or who knows who I am – As long as he knows who I am to him. He lets me know every day, that to him, I could be one in a million.