Category: waffle

I am told all the time that I waffle, took me a long time to realise I do this. I am not the only person and I can hear it when others waffle now more clearly now.

When I read these posts of mine there is often context missing and things that were going on that were important to me then, but I didn’t want to publish the details.

There is a great chance that more waffle will be included in future and this is my website to do what I like with, so why not have a category for my really inane shit?

If it’s open to interpretation and you think this post might be about you, read the date. The dates are accurate on my posts.

It’s probably not about you – no really, it has absolutely fuck all to do with you – What I write here is for me, a few stumbling visitors coming by accident and the occasional handful of people who might like to dig a little dirt I suppose.

(For the latter of those, I mostly hope they end up a bit disappointed and frustrated with what I may or may not be referencing)