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This is a fucking terrible category of my website – It looks like I have had a few blatant attempts at writing stuff that shamefully exists just to make it easy for people to find the site, if they look for certain specific things.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that these posts do work though, to an extent and so I probably won’t delete them.

When I first started writing a blog, finding out what people were reading and what got the most visits was interesting to me – That should never have influenced what I put up though fro my posts.

I’m just going to leave them here for now – If you choose to read them, you were warned. I’ve called this category ‘spuff’ for a reason – It’s worthless stuff I was knocking out for an end result and self gratification only.

…and that may be a bit of an explicit metaphor; Sorry if I somehow lead you to believe I wasn’t uncouth, occasionally.


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My name is Chris Smith, this is my website – It isn’t a social...

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Christopher Smith This is the homepage of thirty-nothing Chris Smith – Originally from Worcester...

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So it took me about a year, but I have revisited my website