Newman Smith

Every parents worst nightmare must be the thought of losing their children, which is why this page is set up.

If you have found a child who, when asked his name says ‘Newman Smith’ – If you have not already, please ask him what his Daddy’s name is – He has been taught this and will tell you:
Daddy smith, Chris Smith or Daddy Chris Smith

If you ask him his Mom’s name he will likely say ‘Mommy Tickler’, ‘Mommy Pipler’, ‘Mommy Amy Tickler’ – It’s just his pronunciation for his young age, his Mother’s name is actually Amy Tipler.

Our contact details are as follows:

Chris Smith – 077199 76471 –
Amy Tipler – 07517371203 –

Of course it is not our intention to ever lose him under any circumstances, but he does have quite a unique name and if every parent had the ability to match their contact details with a lost child easily, then I am sure they would.

Of course, if you find a lost child answering to Newman Smith, please take him to a public place or a police station, stay with him and we will get there as soon as possible.

This is a picture of us, so you will know that this is the child referred to here and what we look like when we arrive to pick him up:


Thank you for being a caring soul and helping out our Son.