monopoly rage worcester

Monopoly Rage

May. 22, 2017 by

Monopoly apparently is a game which is designed to induce nothing but pure irrational anger and rage to anyone who has ever played it. That and an unbelievable level of smugness in anyone who is the winner, whether that is

marvel drawers

Whoops! I upset the internet…

Feb. 28, 2015 by

So I am sat in the living room watching the TV and playing my online game and once every couple of minutes i am flashed a picture by my Fiancee on her phone – the photos are from a group


Losing ‘The Game’ @ Christmas

Jan. 2, 2015 by

For a number of years me and my family have been aware of ‘The Game’ and last year (Christmas 2013) to make sure they all lost, at the same time, or were caught out, I posted this picture on my

WN Love your local paper.

WN Love your local paper.

Feb. 18, 2012 by

Sometimes writing some interesting content, which is well informed and current for your blog can be taxing to come up with something worthwhile. Then there are the times when the net is cast out to you and it would be

Response to WN

Response to WN

Feb. 10, 2012 by

RESPONSE to WN, TOWIT article. Published 10th Feb 2012, by Neil Watts. Posted on February 10, 2012 I have been eager to get my hands on today’s WN and have sat there, strumming my computer desk, in eager anticipation. I



Feb. 9, 2012 by

Posted on February 9, 2012 by admin Worcester News are going to be giving this strange Worcester community page it’s very own article in page 3 tomorrow, based on it’s popularity. When I ‘liked’ this page on Monday morning, with