Category: Classic Blogs

My original blog posts are going to live here – These are the ones from when I had no understanding of the internet, Facebook had only just been invented and I had no insight or interest in the world of online.

Loads of things have changed for me personally and professionally since.

The thing is, these posts were somewhat eccentrically written, I was nearly a decade younger, spent a lot of time getting very drunk and having no direction. I LOVE these posts and pages and I have no intention of ever removing them permanently.

What I enjoy most about these posts is that I make just about every mistake going when it comes to using social media – from elusive status updates contrived to provoke a reaction from certain people, to complete inane waffle.

I adore the language I used to use when I wrote the posts – Seriously what the fuck was I thinking with some of the wording I used?

I also really, really like that I knew nothing about how the internet or websites worked when I wrote my original blog posts – There has been some real crap put up on the site over the years, for one reason or another.

All I do know for a fact is, my very first posts were mostly awesome – The reason I know this, is because as I read through them to publish them again, I am smiling to myself.

They make me happy because they are personal to me, were from phases of my life that were pretty intense and so, so much is so very different for me now.

The thing is, I was young and even if noone wanted to hear or read my waffle then, it was my outlet.

..years later I can look back at myself, see someone I liked quite a lot then and it reminds me to like myself as much as I can – I am the only person I will always be forced to live with for the rest of my life.