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Killer Neck Chain

Jan. 11, 2011 by

so I’m seven years old and sat there watching Bullseye on a Sunday evening. Normally on a Sunday, after we’ve got back from Church, my step-dad would often be in the shed working away on his bikes, getting me and

ring raiders

Nostalgia, Not quite what you think it is…

Apr. 30, 2010 by

Had the need to post today, it’s been months! Didn’t know what to post about though… and don’t know why, but started thinking about my favourite toys I had as a kid. Okay, so that’s a bit sad, but you

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Is Avatar worth seeing?

Feb. 9, 2010 by

I’m not going to go into too much of a review here – not what my blog is for… I’ll create the setting, I was told 1 and a half hours before, that I really shouldn’t drive into the centre

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Getting it.

Jan. 18, 2010 by

I was thinking about what to write in my Blog – I have some pictures and videos of the last couple of months, that I will post here eventually. I was thinking of mentioning some things, vaguely, that I am


Post Deleted

Nov. 28, 2009 by

Sorry I have deleted a post I made in the early hours of this morning – it was another shining example of how alcohol consumption and the internet are a bad combination.

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Another comical image of me..!

Nov. 10, 2009 by

On a Monday night going to Jim & Co’s and should be quiet a normal, civil affair. As normal we discussed Mom, the Family, Christmas, Glastonbury, those sorts of things and played our normal game or two of Scrabble. In

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On my way to lunch from work.

Sep. 23, 2009 by

… So I’d just tied up a few loose ends before going to lunch and a customer waved me out of the shop, they’d come to thank us for all our recent help and they had bought us a bottle

Paranoid Polaroid Logo

Schizophrenic Camera

Sep. 9, 2009 by

Strange what things amuse us, was sat there this evening, rather tired and brain clicking away, and my eyes were drawn towards the camera which was under the Telly, It’s a Polaroid, and I drew a similarity to that brand

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Bone Phook

Sep. 2, 2009 by

Had a brilliant little chortle to myself earlier and knew I was going to end up posting this. I referred to the ‘Phone Book’ as the ‘Bone Phook’ and was most amused. I have later referred this little spoonerism to

burning bridge

Blazing Crossings

Aug. 22, 2009 by

I am in a particularly good mood today – there are two people that have made a concerted effort to reconsider their allegiances towards me. It is equally as difficult to ask someone for their help when you have wronged

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Bizarre and dire ideas and desires.

Aug. 18, 2009 by

No, there is no actual reason for choosing the name of this post – I’ m close to giving up on all that… I meant to post a lot more than this, but things changed at the last minute and

Bad for Good

Aug. 2, 2009 by

‘The sea is whipping the sky, the sky is whipping the sea – and you can hide away forever from the storm, but you’ll never hide away from me – The icy cold that cuts us like a knife in

tick list

Tick list

Jul. 27, 2009 by

Was just musing over what I could post about this evening- lots going on, but with so many paths that could be followed, thought best to leave those things alone and not focus on any of the things that could

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Happy Birthday to me!

Jul. 19, 2009 by

When your Birthday falls on a Sunday, there isn’t really very much you can do apart from recover from the hangover from the night before – of course if you wake up still half-cut, the chances are the hangover may

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Building Blocs

Jul. 14, 2009 by

This time last year – as I returned to normality from my Glasto adventure, things changed in my life, seemed to go a bit stale and bitter and although I moved home, definitely a positive thing to do given my

babycha gif

Okay, back to normality with me, Almost.

Jul. 7, 2009 by

…just going through some old videos I was playing with and found one I created after too many bevvies to have been on the computer, but I thought I’d share it, just another dancing Baby, with a techno track in

Glasto 09

Festival Summary – Glastonbury 2009

Jul. 5, 2009 by

Okay – I know! A week nearly to sum up my festival, well so much happened and I knew this was going to need to be a fairly lengthy post. For anyone who was wondering, no I still have no

bad boys scene

The longest week..

Jun. 17, 2009 by

This IS going to be the longest week of the year and in an effort to avoid banging on about Glasto from now ’til then (After all there is plenty of time for me to add to my blog, while

unwanted gifts and favours

Thank you

Jun. 13, 2009 by

Sometimes somebody who wrongs you, whether they intend to or not can actually do you a real favour. For once, I finally can come out of one of these situations without being the A**H***. Just remember, though, that if you