ChrisSmithUK (UKChrisSmith)


@ChrisSmithUK is my Twitter Handle, you can see me profile by clicking the username as a link.

This page is brief as I created it just to correct a 404 error – I don’t tweet as often as I should either…

05 February 2015 – I just noticed today that Google does not sow this site in relation to my Alternative Handle. As You can imagine ChrisSmithUK is not always available on every site I use, so I when I need to, I flip it over to UKChrisSmith as well.

So for example, to find me on Facebook, you only need to type “” as a URL into your browser – it just saves people having to trawl anything up to 5,000 – 10,000 Chris Smiths, that are in the UK alone, on Facebook, to find me.chris-smith-facebook