Bombjack – Atari ST Game Emulator, embedded.

There seemed to be a few variations on this game when I first looked for it, this seems to be the closest emulation of the original I could find.

Bombjack for the Atari ST was pretty difficult to play and to be honest I think I played much better with a joystick and I don’t have one – Sorry you will have to refresh the page to restart the game – haven’t figured out a way around this.

I did include it on my home page originally, however whenever I loaded the site (for a small graphic change I wished to test or change) the music started up straight away – fine for my games page, but not fine for landing on my home page.

You can play the game here:

Embed Atari Bombjeck

Or please feel free to copy the original embed code here:

The link with the game is included from the original source site and seems fairly legit – Please consider linking to my site also, if you do use the embed code, by copying the following code: