You’ll hear it anyway:

This post features 2 of my favourite covers – both are of songs that were released when I was in my teenage years and both are guilty pleasures, but awesomely covered:

The first, I ‘liked’ the song because my mate had bough it on tape. You had to like the songs your mates liked then, because you either had a tape of it, or a CD.


The second song I liked, I was so young and had no idea about music tastes and genres and it probably made a statement about me to others I was completely naive about at the time.

Either way, both covers kick ass:

I picked up these covers following a separation, so the lyrics were hitting the right notes – When I was writing the post, looking for a guilty pleasures connection, I was reminded of a moment I had with her.

We had been watching ‘Making a Murder’ on Netflix and one of the relatives at a point in the trial said “I just want to hear the word ‘guilty'”, My partner instantly paused it and said “You’re going to hear the word ‘guilty’ anyway, whether the verdict is guilty OR not guilty!’ – Sharp and funny. I miss that.

Anyway, second video: A truly amazing part of this is how he keeps his chewing gum in while he sings – Why does he do that? It strikes me as odd. Who does that?

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