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Practically every person that visits my site is going to know I live and work, and was born and bred in Worcester, practically all my life.

The reason I am adding this page is in the hope that if someone does input ‘chris smith worcester’ into something like Google, that I will come up closer to the first results page.

Currently, if you input ‘chris smith’ on it’s own, my page comes up as the 18th result, which for someone with such a popular name, is quite a result.


There was an England Rugby Player (Possibly Captain) who was Chris Smith also – and I might feature links to sites for him soon – Rugby is fast becoming an ever more popular sport locally, and I might get more results/ hits from that… although my interest in it is much less than a passing one, but we’ll see what happens!


Another Chris Smith – Also born in 1981, in Derby – has played for Worcester City Football Club – Which means I might be able to pull in a few football fans too.. I also have a limited interest in football, I am a ManU supporter after all (Justification for this – I was made to pick my team from all the premiership programs laid out in front of meat the age of 6 – Manchester United was who I chose) so I follow them as much as any non-football supporter can and will.

Chris Smith WCFC

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