Whoops! I upset the internet…

So I am sat in the living room watching the TV and playing my online game and once every couple of minutes i am flashed a picture by my Fiancee on her phone – the photos are from a group DIY on a Budget, on Facebook.

It is a group of people who like to ‘Upcycle’ their furniture, when it gets worse for wear, from what I can gather.

Upcycling might be a bit of an overstatement for a lot of it and the quality of the work is, in many cases, laughable.

After a few rounds of being shown this, I said to Amy, looks like they should call the group ‘How to make my Tat more Tatty, with even more Tat’, and she laughed and said I dare you to post that.

I didn’t see any harm in saying it, I was sure that the types of people that would invest in such folly as gluing rhinestones to teapots would not take themselves so seriously as to be affected by such a passive remark… It turns out I was very wrong and the backlash was immediate.

I was accused of trolling and then the next thing I knew there were people going through my timeline photos, assuming they were all taken at my house, rather than anyone else I knew and started slating the decor and style my friends have chosen for their homes. (That one in particular, my friend was actually moving out of)

Then they started having a go about my use of plug protectors, to stop my son sticking his fingers in plug sockets – Apparently I really must Google the dangers of these – I am sure I will get round to that, some time.

Next thing I know, they picked out the baby-walker my son uses and told me how I was harming his future development allowing him to use it.

FYI, there is an identical one at his nursery, same make and model and everything, and I am sure that all of the equipment that is at the £1k a month facility has been rigorously risk-assessed.

The fact we are paying £1k a month to have him there is a good indicator that when we want furniture that is appealing aesthetically, we don’t cover it in birthday wrapping paper, we go out and find something we like.

That’s not to say we always buy things from new from retail outlets, I myself have had cause to virtually furnish an entire flat from others’ generous donations in the past.

They then went on to make disparaging remarks about the engagement ring I very recently proposed with to my Fiancee and it went even further, they started accusing me of being some unbelievable things – an over aggressive, controlling, chauvinistic cave man – someone who would deliberately attack those who were previous victims of domestic violence – statements were made about the probable proportions of certain ‘appendages’ … the list goes on.

There were clearly many people who were attempting to fan the flames of and push the momentum of the conversation further than it ever should be.

Loads of ‘Meme’ type pictures were included in the comments that followed and I was still yet to respond to any of it.

Then there were some really nice, normal people who went on to condemn those that had gone all out for a personal attack on me.

I’ll hold my hands up to a certain extent, maybe it was a little ill-considered to say anything less than complimentary on a Facebook Group of 30k people, who for some reason post videos about how to glue glitter onto a wine bottle..

It was silly of me to think that 9pm on a Wednesday night in February, there might be a rational audience amongst thirty thousand people who essentially do the kind of arts and crafts found in primary schools, on blue peter and in many other kinds of different institution.

Oh, I’m going to end up saying it, if you are the type of person, that spends your day repainting a table with emulsion to make it look shabby-chic, because you can’t afford to replace it, then you would probably be better of checking the online job boards than using your internet connection to post your crap on a Facebook group and launching a lynch-mob-style barrage of spite and nastiness to a complete stranger, who made some idle remark he thought was insignificant.

So it all boils down to the following point, as once said by George Carlin — ‘Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

I have launched my own spin-off group called ‘How to Make Your Tat more Tatty by adding more Tat’ –  and a link to this post will be added to the group.

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