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Before I create my post today – I have added links to both Jim and Shaun’s sites – It’d be great if you are a follower of my blog, who does or doesn’t know them, if you could sort of follow them too – I’m sure they’d appreciate it, especially if you are inclined to click on adverts – wink, wink – Nudge, nudge!!

And the links are here also.

-For Shaun –

-And for Jim –

Thanks for clicking..!!

Okay – so with that out of the way, I have been dying to discuss a bit of a niggle I have.

It is a well known fact by anyone that knows me, that I was besotted with a certain young lady for two years, idolised her and did everything she could possibly ask of me.

Everyone that knew me then, and even those that have got to know me since, know that I put up with psychotic tantrums, did everything I could conceivable to keep you happy, lost touch with friends and family alike, who hated the way you treated me, and them for that matter!!

They even know how I lavished upon you everything you could need or want, and more.

They now know that you came back to me 3 times after we split up – Implying there may still be hope for us as a couple – They may not know that you told your Mother ridiculous lies about me physically hurting you and being violent towards you (Don’t worry, these people actually know me!!) – and that is the ONLY reason that we NEVER got back together.

So now I am 5 years down the line and have well and truly got you out my system – For F**k Sake, have the goddamn courtesy to say ‘Hi’ to me and maybe give a smile.

Is it still so difficult for you to show the basic civility and maturity to finally lend me a little credibility, let me carry some favour with you?

After all, I did everything for you – you know it and everyone around you does, really. So admit, finally, you treated me badly and I never deserved it, maybe even build up the esteem required to apologise for it one day?

I think this may be asking too much though – but I need to get this off my chest and if you don’t ask you don’t get.

The reason for this coming seemingly from nowhere, is that I saw this Ex twice in the last week, after not having seen her for around 4 years.

Anyway, to lighten things up as I sign off a video to a song I dedicated to ‘little miss’ realeased appropriately around the time we actually split up….

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