Wanted: The Dooleys

So have you ever had an ear worm, the kind that slips into your mind on a long walk or a particularly boring day?

That’s what happened to me – but it wasn’t one that slipped my mind after a few weeks, or even months, it was several long years and occasionally I’d try and dig it out, but there wasn’t enough of the tune in my head.

It was a record my Mom used to play. She was a big ABBA fan, a fan of anything that was 70’s-80’s disco, or what would have been described as BubbleGum Pop.

All I had were a few fleeting moments of my childhood, when she had friends crashing, or family staying over. The most part she used to play ABBA, that and a Christian Music album she had called, Make Way for Jesus. Oh and that bloody awful Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat.

Anyway, one song she played occasionally, that I would never have seen a video for kept going round and round in my head. I just needed to find out what it was. After many attempts at finally working out what it was, I recently found it.

It’s not really my taste in music, it’s dated and old and what not, but at least now I know what it is and it doesn’t piss me off trying to work out what it was, anymore.


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