Tumble Dryer

So I thought I would get all boring and mundane and show you that it aint all rick and roll…

I decided I was finally gonna rip the tumble dryer open to see what was wrong with it.. It was making a feint buzzing noise, but nothing else was happening.

So I opened it up and found that my start run capacitor had blown.

I know this because the start/run capacitor is meant to look like this..


However this is an actual picture of what mine looks like..


I’m no Electrical Engineer, but even I know that aint right – so I do what anyone else would do and look it up on ebay – there’s no listing for it!!!

So instead I look for tumble dryer parts in Worcester on both Yell and Google and can only find one business that sells them and they are all the way out in Norton – okay, so it’s not really that far, but it is bloody inconvenient …!!

You’d think that in times of economic slump there would be an abundance of people dying to sell you bits and peices for your tumble dryer, ‘cos no-one wants to buy new ones if they can help it, do they?

But no – so if anyone in Worcester wants an idea for a new little busness they can set up in Worcester City, you got the idea here first, a place for selling bits and peices for domestic appliances, I’m sure it’d do well.

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