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Botts – Appliance Parts and repairs in Worcester – 01905 420 998

Back in about May I posted about a part for my Tumble Dryer – Having a spare (but smaller) tumble dryer in my shared house, I ‘got by’ without having to fix it.

Anyways, just before Christmas I really needed to fix it, so the day before Christmas Eve, I went to find the part.

I googled Tumble Dryer parts in Worcester and was amused to find my web page came up Fourth and that post has generated a few hits on my site as well.

Long story short though – I managed to get the part I needed from a guy who trades under the name ‘Botts’ who does all his own repairs work and supplies parts for appliances, from home.

He used to run a shop doing this, but doesn’t any more. –

Well when I looked up the capacitor online, I managed to find it for ?20.00 plus delivery – This bloke charged me a tenner – and it was obviously not a reconditioned or used part.

SO… the day before Christmas Eve, after normal business hours, this person gave me the part I needed locally and quickly for half the price I expected to pay – in reverence of this I have contacted him and am giving my own personal endorsement on my website.

You can contact him on 01905 420998 – please mention to him when phoning where you got the number from..?

I am going to be posting more of my normal blog, maybe even later this evening, but thought as I had said I would do this, I should.

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