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Worcester News are going to be giving this strange Worcester community page it’s very own article in page 3 tomorrow, based on it’s popularity.

When I ‘liked’ this page on Monday morning, with around 300 likes, I was impressed with that effort on it’s own and as I have watched that ‘like’ figure escalate (to 1,523) even as I write, I have to admit a certain level of surprise.

I’m surprised, because I saw a ‘friend’ on Facebook compile a page, mocking some of the characters in Worcester, quite blatantly assuming the people included would never see them, and I am sure they probably never did.

On that occasion the good citizens of Worcester were soon motivated to report the page and it was taken down before even 10 people engaged with it.

Who has expected the page to have come down before now? I did a bit.

It is doubtful that the anonymous ‘artist’ going by the name ‘The only way is Tolly’ has any real insight into what makes a really good social media influencer, and would probably tell you where to go if you asked, as well.

But ‘TOWIT’ has done well. I don’t think TOWIT could ever have anticipated that interest would ever exceed much more than 100 likes and is equally surprised by the amount of interest it has got. – So why has the page done so well?

Well people informed in social media will tell you to write good, informative articles, that are slightly conversational and a little contentious, to get people engaging with them.

Seeing the popularity of the page, other estates in and around Worcester, and even some of the surrounding areas trying to follow suit to no avail,’Rivalry’ has built up to get a bigger and better following, but TOWIT has taken it in their stride and has met all this with levity.

With photos like something recorded on ‘Shameless’ the TV series, splattered about and uploaded at an alarming rate, the quote from the Shameless intro, delivered by Frank Gallagher resonates aloud “We cope better than normal with ‘irony’ in Chatsworth…” Well they certainly bloody well do in Tolladine!

And it is this satirical, ironic chord, that is resonating with the People of Worcester.

None of the wall posts are well written, punctuated, or articulate, and for the most part written entirely in CAPITALS, which is an affray to the entire internet generation, noone really shouts that much!

But TOWIT, the incidental influencer has carefully been moderating posts, making sure that none of it is taken too seriously, that no-one gets offended and that the tone of the page is maintained in it’s integrity.

‘SHOUTY TOWIT’ has become a moderator over an amass of followers on a social network, something I have seen quite a few people try to do, and fail miserably at, several times.

People seeing this page, or any of the followers of similar pages, whose followers can ALL be attributed to TOWIT, might be left under the impression that Worcester is full of rough, run down estates, if this is all they had to go by.

The funniest part of all this attention is that there is a much larger contingient of Worcester folk, who seem almost too afraid to be affiliated with the page.

Perhaps they are concerned with degrading themselves by association. This is because there is a HUGE class divide in Worcester, and these estates still represent just a fraction of the citizens and urban landscape of the city.

These people that see themselves as above working class, should more actively embrace this page, because it has not been moderated to the exclusion of anyone.

In fact some people commented on posts that the long words I was using show ‘You’re not a Tolly, are ya?’, with the Worcester News saying they had to look the words up, too.

So even the WN is getting in on the parody of percieved living in the estate.

Besides, I lived in Maple Avenue when I was around 13, so once upon a time, I WAS a Tolly.

Okay, so I won’t ever be ‘Tolly ’til I die’, but even from 250 miles away, I felt a sense of pride from what TOWIT had achieved.

TOWIT, without even trying too hard, has taken on something that seems to be a bit of a phenomena in the Faithful City, Social Media.

Yes it was only a few years ago that the Facebook campaign to get a KFC built in Blackpole Worcester, worked to very profitable effect for KFC.

Yes, it wasn’t long after that they demanded a Primark in the old Woolworths shop on the High Street. …and Primark denied them! So TKMaxx stepped in!

..and it wasn’t too long after that Primark decided a shop was needed in Worcester, not too far away in the old BHS store.

Barely a matter of weeks has gone by since Lisa Woodman hit global Headlines, by being refused entry into Tramps- for the record, Tramps is more for the nappy wearing generation of nightclubbers, in Worcester, Lisa.

So in this strange hotbed of social media activity, could TOWIT be a rising star too?

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