Credit for this one goes to to colleagues from a few years ago, who I will only call JC and DC – When I tell you a little more about the game, you will understand why I think they may wish to remain suitably anonymous.

The game is played by 1 or more players who each take a pound coin from their pocket – the game is played on a kerb similar to this one –


The idea is to get your £ coin as close to the bottom of the kerb as possible, obviously the closest it could be, is leant up against the kerb.

If the coin goes onto the pavement you lose a life – you have 2 lives and if you lose both lives you lose that game.

Each person gets 5 throws, the person who gets it closest to the kerb wins the throw. The person who loses, loses their £ to the winning player.

If you lose your lives, and lose to the other player automatically, your £ is forfeited to the winning player.

I was very young and naive when I learned this game – It was introduced to me by two of my colleagues – and I suspect the arrangement was they split whatever they made from me down at the pub after work, when we were working as foot canvassers.

Herein lies the lesson – They often started the game between themselves, keen to be ‘in with the guys’ of course I showed an interest and I am sure they had spent a lot of time practising to make this game up between them and the odds were plain and simply that between them they had a 2 in 3 chance of winning – and I simply was too wet behind the ears to consider this.

The game was often over when they were up and was played less and less regularly as my skill improved and I was beating them.

The introduction of a fourth player made them less enthusiastic and a fifth player was ALWAYS completely out of the question.

On hindsight I was PLAYED good and proper, but if you can play this amongst your friends on an even keel, there is no reason why the game cannot be ‘just a bit of fun’.

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