Tick list

Was just musing over what I could post about this evening- lots going on, but with so many paths that could be followed, thought best to leave those things alone and not focus on any of the things that could have an outcome as a reation to my post.

Bit of a cop out, really, I know!

So I got to thinking about what might interest people, and then things that motivated people crept into my mind, from there I decided loads of things could and different things make people tick in different ways.

So I decided to list a few of them – this isn’t an exhaustive list, so feel free to add some things, if you want.

A flavour or a scent, a picture, an iconic symbol, a person, a colour, a machine or a gadget, a building, a type of material, a scene or a photo, a feeling, the weather, a touch, a sound or a song. Helping, caring or loving, someone’s body, animals, relationships and friendship. Family, an object, a thought or a memory, a common appreciation with others. Something someone said, or their language, a dance a book or a poem. Maybe even money, food, drink or a high, natural or chemical. Maybe more spiritual, an astral being or a deity, a physical process or a philosophy, maybe even religion. Might be clothing, texture or density, a conversation, a dream. Perhaps pain, perhaps pleasure. Perhaps sex or power and control, status or speed. What about an achievement, or a goal, or the size of something. Could be something you read, or something you write, a drawing or a painting. What about what you study or what you learn, what you do, what you desire and what you need, what you look for, what you’ve lost, what you’ve found, what you have or what you don’t.

I’m sure there are millions more things I could have included, time, choice and actions are all motivating factors in whether I continue this post…

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