There is no mercy for show offs!

Sometimes I like to have a little play with Audacity, and just having my computer back up and running, had to install it and test that it works – while I am taking a few minutes updating my homework..

I am sure most of you have heard of ‘backmasking’ where a message is heard backwards in a song, but I have accidentally stumbled across quite a clear and obvious one.

I swear, all I did was reverse ‘Blur – Boys and Girls’ and 30 seconds in, and throughout the entireity of the song, you can clearly hear, without doubt, ‘There is No Mercy for Show-Offs!’

I have uploaded it to save you having to reverse it yourselves, and I really cannot be bothered to make out other less obvious messages, I will leave that to people with enough time to pass away.

I did Google info on this song and the phrase I can clearly hear, and no-one else has pointed this one out, so I want full credit for this discovery to go to me!

I’m not sure it is going to be as popularly heard as ’sleep with me, I’m not too young’ by Britney, but I do get a geeky sense of pleasure from having found it.

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