The new Chris Smith

So you may have spotted that I have changed the themes to both sides of Chris Smith, I decided to bring them together, hopefully I will be able to work through the duplicate content in good time.

I will do a more meaningful post, at some point in the future, I am sure some people, Both from Worcester and up here, will want to know how I’m getting on.

About the snow, it’s been incredible, so frustrating getting into work, and I was so close to target, it’s almost possible to believe I would have hit target last week if I could have been in.

I love my job, but when it’s hard work getting in, and it’s a long journey home, it can take it out of you.

I can’t understand why the buses are like they are up here, it’s a very confusing system.

I am going to have to post some pictures of the dog on here – I have a feeling I will be spending a lot more time blogging in the near future.

…and there’s loads to talk about – but if I try to get it all in one post, none of it will make any sense to any one.

I am working on one or two sites and I will see how I get along, find out a little more about my visitors, after all, posting something stupid might have consequences!

Watch this space.

Oh, and in case you want to know who I’m following on X-factor, it’s Cher lloyd – could just be because she comes from Malvern, but I think we’re yet to see her at her best.

The final’s gonna be interesting – there’s actually a little talent on there this year!

A great video funny, Okay so I ripped my choice from a rude tube suggestion – doesn’t stop this video from getting funnier and funnier the longer you watch it.

**I have had to replace the original video as it was no longer available for embedding**

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