The longest week..

This IS going to be the longest week of the year and in an effort to avoid banging on about Glasto from now ’til then (After all there is plenty of time for me to add to my blog, while I’m there, isn’t there?)

I’m sure we’ll find out – Obviously I will be proiritising getting to see my fave acts – Blur, Batting for Lashes, Ladyhawke & Peaches to name a few – but hopefully will be able to do a few posts from the festival Chill & Charge tent.

I have my doubts that anything good will come from recording videos on my mobile, but maybe some pictures from the camera will be usable…

Later in the week I will post my photos from last year – although they ARE on my Facebook, but sharing them in other locations and stuff.

I am also going to have a go at creating my own video/viral on YouTube using my webcam, but we’ll see what happens with that too.

Video I’m posting today, just something a bit random, you might not have heard for a while.. (or not known, if you are amongst my younger friends, =Shaun= )

:: I wonder what video I posted originally? ::

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