Susan Boyle

Okay – so sad as it was, I was watching Britain’s got talent last Saturday – got into laughing at some of the contestants quite early in and was rolling the floor at the telephone engineer, before he even started to dance.

As soon as I looked at Susan Boyle, -was nearly crying with laughter – Well! Sometimes it’s great to get the smirk wiped from your face, isn’t it?

What a true and wonderful talent this woman is and a wake up call to anyone who has ever written off, or dismissed anyone out of hand.

I felt guilty as anyone for having judged, and she has done so well to prove me good and wrong.

I was just looking at the video on YouTube – 22 Million hits on one of the videos and several million on others, too!!! Fucking WOW!

Susan – I wish the best of luck, and people are going to have to do well to top that, my love – best of british to ya!

I will embed the video as soon as I find a source – so people can watch it – just wanted to say fair play – sometimes it’s good to be proved wrong!

Sorry, couldn’t find the video to embed, but it can be uploaded from here -(This is not an attempt to infringe copyright or anything- however if this content compromises any such legal parameters – you can notify me by commenting on the post)


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