Problems I have encountered in constructing my website and using certain applications – also tutorials I have found helpful and links to forum posts for support that I have found most useful.

A lot of techie forums deter more inexperienced users – so I am hoping to help others with my same levels of experience as an intrigued novice, like me.

Here is a list of applications I have downloaded and frequently like to use.

When I get round to it, these will become links to the sites with illustrations.

Gimp – GNU Image Manipulation Program – there are many technical features to this software, most of which I can’t fully get my head round – might take a few more sessions watching YouTube tutorials to help you produce the results you want, but it can;t be too difficult, al of my website menus, Bars and animated banners have been created using this software.

Audacity – Audio Manipulation software – Even with only the slightest bit of know how, you can easily ‘quick-mix’ your tunes, or alter things like pitch and speed, even if it is only to make your favourite song play in a chipmunks rendition, but it’s good fun.

Abrasoft Fantamorph – Allows you to ‘Morph’ from one image to another as a video or mix attributes from two images – I have been able to ‘morph’ my own photo with an ‘avatar’ character, but the results still need a little editing to be impressive.

DVD Videosoft Free Youtube to MP3 converter – If you want to download the audio from a YouTube tutorial to walk you through your project, then this is a brilliant application that will let you do this very easily – Of course I understand that some people misuse this type of application to take the audio from current chart music posted on youtube – this is an infringement of copyright that affects the starving artists – I would NEVER endorse it, of course!

Any2 Icon – Allows you to turn anything into an Icon for your web page – within reason – when trying to render a phot to give a basic bitmap, it just filled the icon with dark coloured pixels.

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