I am on my high horse today – and why not.

The night before my brothers birthday, I am told, he was mugged carrying a case of 12 Lagers near where he lives – Okay so everyone’s skint and it’s cheaper than buying beer – But, why on earth did they decide to beat him black and blue with the lager crate..??

I don’t pretend to really understand or like my brother, but why on earth would anybody do this – He’s the least likely person I know to actually put up a fight in this situation!! There’s no F**king need for it! He’d have probably given them up in the first place.

See that’s what separates those sorts of people – To be a thief and a bit desperate, is one thing – but to smash someone’s face in with a crate of lager which is probably worth about a tenner in the first place, just makes you scum!

In case you weren’t sure though, to work out how much that case of lager was worth – it’s the equivalent of about 2 hours unskilled labour or 10 goes on each of your respective Moms!

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