Skid Car

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Sorry about the delay folks, was a really hectic week last week with the Mobility Roadshow and everything – I will post a photo of our stand as soon as a remember to get the phot sent over to my phone.

The video I was going to post is this – it’s a skid car, which they use to educate people on the best ways to control a vehicle during skid conditions.. There’s a couple of videos here, one from outside and then in it – Very Cool!

There were some other mentionable things that have happened over the weekend and I know I am going to have to post more on my preparation for Glasto, it IS only two weeks from tonight, but even those that intend to ‘live hard, die young’ are capable of getting tired.

Speaking of which, I managed to get the following picture of the Tyres (Tyres… Tired, Get it ?!!) …rmthe day before at the show… you can see how worn they are just from how the new tyres look that are being stored behind it in the photo…

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