Selling a “Rare new £5 note”

ak45 5 pound note

It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? people buying and selling £5 notes for silly amounts of money. This video sums it up pretty well:

So anyway, after a drunken ride home in a cab, got a new £5 note with “AK45” in the serial number and joked I was going to sell it on ebay and this was a really rare one.

I then, in a moment of alcoholic bravado, created this ridiculous listing which does take the piss.

As I got to the end of listing it, Ebay suggested I add a percentage as a donation to charity and I thought what a great idea. Rather than run this experiment, just to see if it sells for more than a fiver, if it does, why not give some benefit to charity and for the gesture to be sincere I set it at 90% of the bid price.

Just so you know, if this fiver now sells for a fiver, it is going to cost me £10 with the donation, postage and sending out the actual fiver.

I am not doing this to make money – I might not have done it sober, but my intentions are good all the way through.

If I was doing it to make money, the stupid bloody note would have to now sell for about £55 just for me to break even.

Really all I am doing is sending someone a fiver and making a charitable donation in a way that keeps me amused and entertained.

It’s just interesting to see what happens, isn’t it?

Here’s the listing, let me know what you think:

Selling a rare new five pound note

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