Selling a Marinemax Yacht

Nice short post – but sometimes you spot something like this, that somewhere between marketing and development of an advert, something goes amiss.yacht1

Do I want to know how much to sell a marinemax yacht for… No!

Did I see this strange little call to action on another site… Yes!

So my curiosity gets the better of me and I give it a guess, skipping all the possibilities I must have tried to find this out, If you type in that the yacht should sell for $4,800,000, you get the following message to say your profit margins are too low!yacht2

Howeveryacht3 if you type in $4,800,001, you get this message telling you that market indicates you should sell it lower, as per following illustration…

Now I know NOTHING about the way a corporation the size of IBM provides it’s business analytics data – I also know nothing about how Marinemax sell their yachts, but just so you know Marinemax, if this analytics program costs more than a dollar to give you this high quality information, I’d just take a punt and try flogging it for $4,800,000, rather than waste your time! 😉

This post is from a younger, more naive Chris Smith and was recovered using:

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