Schizophrenic Camera

Strange what things amuse us, was sat there this evening, rather tired and brain clicking away, and my eyes were drawn towards the camera which was under the Telly, It’s a Polaroid, and I drew a similarity to that brand and the word Paranoid?.

Of course, sometimes these things are mildly amusing – I find it incredibly funny to personify inanimate objects – so now we have a camera which is paranoid? is it because the camera took something it wasn’t supposed to?

Perhaps it kept taking things it wasn’t supposed to, and its lack of memory lets him down amongst his younger friends.

Now it often sits in the dark, unwanted and replaced, thinking people are talking about him, It swears it sees people talking to all his younger friends, (Mobile phone cameras!, Catch Up!!), but they don?t really seem to be, maybe they?re talking about him???!

And so on he goes, continually being wound up, toyed with occasionally, but hardly ever fulfilled anymore, battling with it’s dual personalities, He was flash one moment, and forgotten the next.

Perhaps if his supplies had have been a little cheaper, people would have stuck around longer?!

OKAY!!, So back with it now, lost too deeply in thought to that one, it makes people wonder what I’ve been up to – I assure you, nothing.

So another little humourous concept, this was bought to me by one of my telephone customers, when I was working in a sales role, but quite an amusing concept all the same?

It was put to me that a word I had used in the conversation was woody? when I asked her to elaborate more, she then went on to tell me that most, if not all words, fell into two categories, those that sound ‘woody’ and those that sound ‘tinny’ I asked her to leave me with this concept until I got back to her about the work related stuff we had already been discussing.

I got back to her, but if you think of a few words, perhaps you can put them into a category of ‘woody’ or ‘tinny’ an with a lot of words, you can.

(Most words with a ‘T’ in them or which had short, sharp syllables were tinny, where as longer, drawn-out sounding words were woody)

When I got back to her though, I advised her that she was actually wrong, and that some words were ‘plasticcy’, these are the words that fit nicely between woody and tinny, and had a mix of sounds and syllables, and then that some words were also ‘fluid’, and these are the words that flow more easily and drop off the tip of the tongue.

Oh well, that’s my post for tonight, I can’t be bothered with anything more meaningful!!

Oh, thought I would post this video, getting terrible for posting music stuff, which is awfully current, but I love the Lyric ‘I really f*cked it up this time..- didn’t I, my Dear?!?

::I just added a cover of this to another post from a similar time – Ha ha, not as far away from where I was in 2009 as I might like to think, perhaps? ::

Comment by Chris- September 1, 2009 @ 11:24 pm

I thought this post was messed up, but I am currently in the throws of two conversations, one involving Pandas (In respect of ‘Eats Shoot and Leaves’) with excess baggage climbing aboard and dismounting on the journey of life with you, while simultaneously conducting another convo discussing proposed colours of ‘rape tape’ for making a wedding dress??!!

And on the subject of personifying inanimate object, I have named my motor ‘Ligsy’ ?. (comes from the registration, but has anyone else named their pride and joy? Ahem!!! get your mind out of the gutter, I mean yer motor!)

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