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RESPONSE to WN, TOWIT article. Published 10th Feb 2012, by Neil Watts.
Posted on February 10, 2012

I have been eager to get my hands on today’s WN and have sat there, strumming my computer desk, in eager anticipation.

I wanted to see what angle the Worcester News would put on the article, to make it Newsworthy. whilst maintaining the integrity of the Newspaper.

You see, the content of the TOWIT page, is probably not what the press would like to publish themselves, and as commented on the The Only Way is Tolly wall, I expected the community page to be out of the comfort zone for the local media.

You see they have to give editorial and professionally written, informative pieces and they have to be careful about putting a focus on the TOWIT page, which hardly conforms to that.

Well, actually Neil did the page proud with his article, making sure that the page not only was taken lightly by people subscribing to it, but also respecting the integrity applied to the page by TOWIT.

He, like I did yesterday, remarked on the moderation upheld by Laura, Kimberley and Lisa to keep the page maintaining it’s ‘fine line in humour’.

But he’s also done what a journalist should do, and taken feedback from other parties, such as West Mercia Police, who have responded to alleged ‘complaints’ about the page, by saying ‘We’re looking into it.’ Whenever I read that line from a police officer in a journalistic piece, I always think of the joke about the huge hole appearring…

Anyway, I digress.. It is hard to see how many, if any of these complaints could be validated or upheld, because of the 3 girls insistence on making sure they had permission to publish phtos of people wherever possible and taking down any abusive posts that may afflict them.

You see it perhaps is a fine line they are balancing on, and the page probably is too close to the knuckle even for a lot of Worcester people, let alone for those whose press and media jobs are dependent on not fuelling the fire of a page that sails close to the wind.

To say TOWIT is raising awarness of the state of the area they live in, is perhaps appending to their original agenda, but then to use the TOWIT page as a way of actively contributing something to the community they love so well, again is a tribute to the rationale behind doing what they are doing.

I found most interesting the comments supplied to the WN reporter by Stuart Mountfield, Chief Executive of Worcester Community Housing:

“Anybody who thinks we do not care really doesn’t know us or what we get involved in. Tolladine is an area that has had a lot of attention from us and we will continue to do so.”

Obviously we have to make allowances for Journalistic editing, but given the response from TOWIT at having not met Stuart, well we wouldn’t expect you to have encountered a Chief Executive at this level, you would not have had sufficient occasion to.

But Stuart perhaps could have referenced more specific projects and their impacts on the local economy to have earned more credibility with those campaigning for a better Tolly.

He goes on to say …”We care passionately for all parts of the city we work in.” Oh so you’re drawing a corporate line in the sand, playing to the mind of ‘everybody in Worcester’ and unfortunately pandering to the press, quite blatantly, too.

In a line that is delivered with the same sincerity of a mother saying ‘I love you all the same’, you showed that you are too far removed from those with real passion and down to earth integrity.

It has not surprised me that the WN has not put up a digital version of this article on it’s pages, because this sort of information is far too easily shared, and they are in fear of making Worcester a mockery to the whole world.

If you look at the community pages of the WN website, it will deliver endless articles about the more white collar areas of Worcester, surrounding villages and little local theatre projects and community workshops.

They do this for a reason, to show Worcester to be a cultural hub of little city intrigues, but anyone who lives in Worcester knows only too well, that certain communities are yet to find a realistic representation, of equal or more sincere value, in the Press.

Well then perhaps social media, can deliver where editorial journalism dares not step…?
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One thought on “RESPONSE to WN, TOWIT article. Published 10th Feb 2012, by Neil Watts.”

admin on February 14, 2012 at 4:49 pm said:

Worcester News has since published the article digitally and has been very reactive in their interaction with the TOWIT Facebook page. WCH has today actively met with the moderators of The only way is Tolly, to discuss some planned future developments and projects proposed for the area.

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