So it took me about a year, but I have revisited my website

You may have noticed that I have integrated the wordpress to work alongside the Joomla content.

So you will flit in between The main Chris Smith pages and the WordPress blog area, I am going to try and make this as seamless as possible and mix it up a bit.

I will be posting about projects I am working on with websites, I imagine it will be as they achieve certain results.

There will be links to other pages in and around the site – Since I last rejigged anything on the website, I have moved 250 miles across the country and I am now working for a digital marketing agency.

I dare say this may affect the way my content is sometimes presented, but it will also give me a good opportunity to link to other websites for offers and interesting things I stumble on.

I also get the benefit of receiving lots of jokey content.

If you do see me on facebook during the day, the chances are there is something I need to see on there for my work.

I will also be adding short links to Twitter, Facebook and Linked in, but obviously I will be cautious, It’s always wise to keep your personal life separate from your business.

And I will be showing what I have done on some sites I have hosted for friends and family with small businesses.

But mostly this is going to be my personal outlet for my little projects, stories and general stuff, if you are a new visitor, then welcome.

I will be going through my archived content, as I am adding new posts. the more relevant posts I have, the more relevant search terms, Etc.

I am going to sign off now, Simba (the dog) has found two double lollies somewhere and is asking me to take the wrappers off them so he can eat them properly.

I can’t wait til he grows up a bit and can unwrap his own sweets.

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