Posted by on May 27, 2016

I had a Skype call from someone at Itcher, as part of my work. Essentially it is an alternative to Tastekid. in my humble opinion, a better one. It perhaps needs to be require a little less set up or have some quick tools perhaps. I liked it though and when I took the time to input my music tastes into it, it came up with this as one of the suggestions of music that I might like. I really like the video, apparently this is a second release of the video, which was just drawn animation originally. I thought the track was a little bit edgy and tuneful. I liked it’s semi-alternative story and I thought my younger colleagues might like it, but they just thought it was weird and I had weird tastes. They also probably thought it decades old, perhaps. The fact they didn’t think much of the music or the video, probably reinforces my views a little. Simply because for the most part, my colleagues are young enough to concern themselves with what others think of their music tastes, more than I am.


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