Nostalgia, Not quite what you think it is…

Had the need to post today, it’s been months!

Didn’t know what to post about though… and don’t know why, but started thinking about my favourite toys I had as a kid.

Okay, so that’s a bit sad, but you have to remember the earliest Game Boy, for example, wasn’t released until I was 8, and I never got my hands on one for quite a while after.

But then I’m not quite old enough to reminisce about the release of ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ and ‘Simon’
Here’s a list of the really cool toys I had.. these were all favourites.

Dancing Robot – I’m sure this was more ‘Black’ in real life [Sorry, I have misplaced the image since I cleared this post, really difficult to find a replacement for an unbranded toy – God knows how I found it the first time], something my Mom picked up for me when we went shopping in Birmingham once. She also got us one of those Key Rings that made exploding rocket and machine gun noises – They were something me and Steven both wanted quite badly, and for reasons I will only understand now, as in how fuffing annoying it must have been, Mom kept telling us no, and after several shopping trips ended up relenting.

Peter Venkman Real Ghostbusters – This was cool, because when you pushed his arm in his mouth dropped and eyes popped out, it looks really naff now though. in fact it’s worse than naff, it’s pretty freaky looking.

Peter Venkman Fright toy

Then there were Ring Raiders, little planes, on plastic sticks you could click onto rings and ‘fly’ them round on your fingers!! Awesome!! Right??!!

This is at a time when Micro Machines were all the rage at the time, so the were more popular, but they’re still about.

matchbox ring raiders 80s toys

We also had some of the original toy cars that changed colour in water – Hot wheels do something similar now, making it impossible to find images of the originals. [However I did manage to find some – To my slight annoyance this is the one my older Brother had, which will have to do, but I can’t find the one that my younger brother had either]

change colour matchbox 80s toy car

I also had a Return of the Jedi action figure, from what I understand this is a little rare, as it wasn’t particularly popular (R8D8 middle one in picture below) – I wasn’t much into it, but I liked the look of it. [It’s worth about £150 mint in box and My little brother had the Yak Face one, God knows why, but it’s worth about £1k now. The rarer ones people never bought can be harder to find]

8d8 80s action figure like white c3po

Then there’s the Dinorider Pterodactyl – OMG this was cool! A hang glider – under a pterodactyl, with a button on the back which made its wings flap.

dinoriders pterodactyl


I was bought this by one of my friends I invited to my birthday party – a girl I really liked, I shant name her, save her embarrassment – I used to chase her round the playground playing kiss chase – I was the only one playing!

Okay, I didn’t get how weird that was at the time, but I also used to run around the playground with a duffle coat done up top button, pretending to be superman – I really wanted a parka, with the orange lining, like everyone else, but by the time I got my hands on one, no-one else was wearing them!

It’s round about the time I was wearing denim dungarees to Sunday school – Oh dee-urr!! Just a quick tip for parents, in case by some amazing unlikely event they ever DO come back into fashion… It’s not nice to put them on boys who have only just learnt bladder control – those buckle button things were heavily bordering on pure cruelty, when you were ‘desssp-urr-utt’ – And walking home in wet denim was the most embarrassing, most uncomfortable and most sore experience of my life!

And finally the best toy ever… The ‘Starcom Shadow Spy’ I can’t believe I have managed to find a video of how it automatically transformed from a box into a spaceship – it also came with two sprung-loaded rockets, which actually shot out.. a flip up window in the cockpit and a little action figure with magnetic feet!! The action figure fitted in the cockpit, on the back of the cannon turret and conveniently hidden into the pocket of my school shorts.. (Stop laughing now!).. so that I could stick it to all the legs of the desks, the huge metal convector heaters and various paper clips and staples.

starcom shadow spy

While I was looking for images of it, I found one on ebay! with a starting bid of 99p and 2 days left! Some of them going fo 50-60 quid on ebay, depending on condition. I’m watching the item over the bank holiday weekend, and if it goes beyond what I would pay for it myself, it’s item number 320524383682 if anyone really wants to treat me. 😉

Nostalgia, Not quite what you think it is

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