So I was looking up some music I like, trying to find some of the older stuff I like, going a bit retro and what not….

I’m not doing it again though – I have come across 2 acts on YouTube, by accident that have already appeared at Glastonbury…

I would naturally have killed to see Pulp play now – Okay, so that’s my fault for not having the same musical tastes in 1995, I was 14 and wet behind the ears, what can I say? I didn’t like Blur, back then, either.

But Blur ARE going to be there this year – OH YEA!!

But then in 2005 (my first Glasto was in 2007) It would appear I also missed The Bravery – NO!! So close!! and I was really into them at that time, if only I had have known!! I was wrong to have missed it, but it was An Honest Mistake – Oooooh!

Okay – I’m gonna make this the last post involving the festival for, Oh, I don’t know – at least a week, so I’m gonna leave you with another music video… OR Two..?!

Here’s a couple of songs I cannot wait to hear this year, but guaranteed to be done…

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