Monopoly Rage

monopoly rage worcester

Monopoly apparently is a game which is designed to induce nothing but pure irrational anger and rage to anyone who has ever played it.

That and an unbelievable level of smugness in anyone who is the winner, whether that is due to the amount of deception that comes from being a banker (in the game or otherwise?) or not.

It doesn’t help that there are some rules that are optional – optional rules for a game? Ones that the players have to agree on rather than just follow?

That’s wrought with the potential of disagreement anyway. This is without all of the concessions made for playing with a younger player.

Who knows why this video has gotten so many views – apart from the fact it was on Lad Bible:

Monopoly Rage

My personal experience is that this is nowhere near the rage that can be experienced playing monopoly, a rage quit in this game to me involves at least two lost property cards, a dice in a glass of drink a broken coffee table leg and the corner of the game lid being inexplicably ripped so the game never closes again properly unless you stack the money in an orderly way.

My latest Monopoly Rage actually came from playing the online Monopoly Gold recently – I usually play a couple of games from the remaining transferred funds on my Euromillions ticket.

The game had undergone a redesign and I wasn’t pleased about it – so after playing a couple of games, looked for the button to ‘send feedback’ and I was annoyed about that.

I was annoyed enough to write an email to the effect of ‘I am sure there is a designer patting themselves on the back for the new, clean version of the game – They have made it far less playable and enjoyable’ – I also then described the features that were not shown and why it was so terrible. I for one would not spend so much on the game.

What was more rage inducing though was that I got no response at all for my submission – However in the week since I last visited, the game had reverted back to it’s original dated, but playable version.

Had I been the only one that had given that feedback since, probably not enough to change it back on my own? Had my criticism been so succinct.

Okay, I doubt it, but a free play for everyone that did would have been a nice compliment to customer feedback?


I played the Monopoly Gold Game again tonight and it looks like they sent the redesign back to the drawing board and have actually come up with a newer version still – (it looks like this now, in case anyone is interested:

It actually works like it should – so this time I sent some positive feedback, as follows:

“I see that you reverted back initially on the Monopoly game – This happened after I last posted feedback and a few weeks later the game was redesigned again. It’s much better now, all the functionality is retained and I like the quirky transitions on the moves, nudging counters and dice spot colours Etc. Your designer can pat themselves properly on the head this time. I had wondered how many people had fed back negatively to warrant resolving the issue so quickly?”

Would definitely be nice to get feedback on my feedback – Seeing as though my feedback must have been deemed somewhat relevant before, this will be the second time I have interacted with them, it would be nice to at least get some comms back from someone.

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