Losing ‘The Game’ @ Christmas

For a number of years me and my family have been aware of ‘The Game’ and last year (Christmas 2013) to make sure they all lost, at the same time, or were caught out, I posted this picture on my Facebook:


..with the following little verse:

The Frustrated Elf:

Twas a similar time on Christmas Night and all the work was done.

One little elf was sweeping up, he was the final one.

But just before he locked the door and switched off all the lights,

Santa came rushing in to cheer the little mite.

Father Christmas gave to him a box, quite small and square and flat.

He hadn’t been a naughty boy this year, the elf was sure of that.

So as he read the gift tag, pleased to see his name.

His face went red, his eyes steamed up as he shouted…


…I’ve lost….

…’The Game’…!!


… well something would be amiss if I didn’t follow it up this year, which I did with the following image and verse:


The Reindeer were feeling low this year they couldn’t get things up.
The magic oats were double dose because they were in a huff.

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, were slow and still and bored.
Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Stupid, Dim and flawed.

As Santa harnessed up the sleigh, they were not in the mood.
Magic oats, even double dose, they were all off their food.

Rudolph felt quite down this year, he wasn’t quite himself.
Not feeling full of festive cheer he blamed a little elf.

..and so he asked the reindeer, “why was this elf to blame…?”
“He told us what you did last year, that made him LOSE THE GAME!”



::Added 01 April 2016::

It’s taken me a while to add the 2015 version, clearly – Life changed quite dramatically for me on December 24th, not long after I posted it – It resulted in me making all of my blog posts private for quite a while, and definitely delayed me publishing it on here, but I feel like doing so now and I will not let this put me off creating the post in December 2016, either.

Santa had an announcement, he’d held onto for a year.
He wanted to make certain that everyone was here.

Last year was the final year, he announced to all the crowd…10878_10207948749534082_7364725193102008133_n
…and when he finished speaking, the noise it grew so loud.

No one could believe it, Christmas wouldn’t be as real.
Now that this had been announced, some knew not how to feel.

The people were all angry, they didn’t want it all to end.
This was great tradition and not a passing trend.

But then walked up the president, who noone knew had came.
He said: “Santa, you are fictional, you CANNOT END THE GAME!”

::Added 26 Feb 2017::

No poem on Christmas 2016 – Didn’t need to, this delivery was so much better!:


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