Posted by on May 20, 2007

Kyle BGT Hallelujah

Kyle Britains Got Talent Hallelujah

Bear with me a moment, I am seeing if I can track down the video of Kyle from Britain’s Got Talent, who sang Hallelujah. Blew everyone away standing ovation and he proved David Walliams wrong, so just how mean was he to him when he was 12 on BGT?

Until I can source it, here is him singing Bruno Mars Flowers aged 12:

It’s proving hard to find – I found this:

…and the reason for that apparently is that he wasn’t televised the first time when Walliams was mean to him – why would they, noone needs a reason to dislike Walliams do they?

Oh here is the other video I found of Kyle singing a Meat Loaf Sing, why not, deserves the publicity being a golden buzzer act, I suppose.

And just in case you want to see Kyle’s origianl audition from BGT again, here it is for you. Good luck Kyle:



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