Killer Neck Chain

so I’m seven years old and sat there watching Bullseye on a Sunday evening.

Normally on a Sunday, after we’ve got back from Church, my step-dad would often be in the shed working away on his bikes, getting me and Steven to help, or it would be a trip down the skip with the rubble in a wheel barrow again.

We had this neighbour, Barry, he was really cool, he used to practice his Karate in the back garden and stuff and he used to wear a dog tag chain, it looked really cool.

I often used to find things, like old chains and stuff, in the shed – Rob, my step-dad was a terrible hoarder of old junk, had tins of stuff everywhere.

One day I found this really cool thing to go on the end of a chain, it looked like a blokes neck chain or dog tags, only it had like this really weird symbol down the middle, cut out.

Anyway, my Mom reaches over, having spotted it – she asked where I’d got it from, and of course I told her I found it.

So what was I wearing on the chain? Perhaps best to explain if you hadn’t already guessed, by way of illustration…

I don’t think I got told off or anything – she was probably to concerned about taking it off me carefully.

Perhaps she was in shock when I told her it was something I had been wearing since the morning…


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