Hey, me again.

Just a few random ‘Jots’ today, It’s doubtful the people these apply to will read them, that’s how random they are – but I have had one of those mildly amusing days today.

Firstly – My God, those really are short shorts, I can’t believe you wore those to work!

Next off my list, the hot blonde who walked into the fish bar, I definitely would… like your number, I saw that look!

‘I am not a dog’ in town today – the smirk you got as I walked past you and you said it, was because she was too hot for the standard ‘Yeah, you are luv!’, but not hot enough for a wolf-whistle, Ha ha!

Finally – Liam, I wish I had a camera for that brilliant facial expression, when your Mom/ whoever told you to F***ing stay on the back of that push chair – It would have definitely have had a caption like “Piss off, I’m having a bad day” OR “Fucking ‘ell, ‘ere we go again” OR “It’s started..!” Maybe a combination of them..? Either way, we could have printed and sold it so many times, you wouldn’t have to live with your Chavvy Lidl’s Mom, ever again…!

Anyways, really happy in my new job, though I know it’s still early days and so sticking to a theme for once, thought I might post these pictures.. so we can ALL share a bit of laughter..
From Scooter

Funny enouogh, but then this takes the biscuit – How come she is still on there? The bloke that looks like a paramedic looks to be not trying to help – is this SO THAT the picture can be taken..??
From Scooter

…and who would have though of modifying the scooter to provide a transportation unit for this..?

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