JCB 3D Model

jcb 3d model

I am not a professional 3D modeller, it is something I have learned a fair bit from online tutuorials. If time and money were no object and I didn’t need to work for a living I am sure I would have invested in more professional packages such as Autodesk and the like and got professional training in doing this kind of thing.

I use Blender 3D to do my modelling, because apart from being quite simple to use, it is also free and opensource.

As a result, when the mood takes me, i’ll spend a bit of time putting together some 3D graphics such as the JCB in the picture.

I first started this JCB 3D Model about 10 months ago, it was for my Son who had a toy JCB that he really really liked and because I am remarkably pedantic, even with my very young son, I corrected him that it was in fact a JCB and NOT a tractor.

It’s probably the 3d Model that I have worked hardest on getting right, which is easier to do when the fundamental geometric shapes are quite basic (unlike modern car designs for example, where complex curves and creases, designed to look more organic are actually quite difficult to replicate).

As I say, it is a work in progress, my workflow is nowhere near a really experienced professional, but I am happy for the results of this JCB 3D Model, for my own purposes.

JCB 3D Model

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