Is Avatar worth seeing?

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I’m not going to go into too much of a review here – not what my blog is for…

I’ll create the setting, I was told 1 and a half hours before, that I really shouldn’t drive into the centre of Birmingham to go to the imax cinema, got lost on the way, there was then concern over the time left to get there by train from just outside of Birmingham and then discussions with my girlfriend regarding sense of direction, and making the most productive use of time – (My own contention at the moment) and then we arrived just as the film was about to start… A mistake if you are going to see a film this big at the imax.

So we got there, only to find that there were not two seats together and while pondering this had the usher impatiently urging us into seperate seats 3 rows apart, but on the end.

I did exactly what should be done in this situation and 5 minutes into the film, left my seat to perch myself in the Aisle next to her seat (halfway through she insisted on swapping with me, bless her)

Okay, so with this in mind, this was probably not going to be the most enjoyable experience ever.

The film itself looks to be the biggest box ticker in history, taking concepts from Titanic, plot from Poca Hontas, mixing this in with 3d, CGI, and cartoon like characters, then mixed in with a bit of not-so-subtle political under tones and then spiced up with very tight spiritual awareness, alien biological concepts, religion, myth and magic type dragons and even some dinosaur type creatures. It even had Sigourney Weaver as an alien planet researcher!! MY GOD!!

It seemed to be contrived of an element that would appeal to almost absolutely everyone – Meant to rake in loads for capitalists by appealling to a mass market and taking the most popular elements of every movie ever made.


All the sorts of things that would make me want to dislike a movie, being the contradicting, non-conformist that I cannot help being.

I would have changed nothing about my trip to see this film, it was uplifting, entertaining, comical in parts, serious in others – I was blown away!

I get fanatical about very few things and my favourite films of all time are quite limited to those that appease a marginal minority.

I am an Avatar fan, I would watch it over and over again – and sharing it with Steph made it all the more enjoyable – (I’m not soft!)

There is one thing in the whole movie that I would change –

I forget the characters name – will have to watch again – (Future birthday/ christmas present suggestion – wink)… The military leader says at one point ‘We must fight Terror with Terror’ –

It was way, way out of context for where it could have been placed in the movie, a bit premature you could say – but I am not sure it was not meant to be that devisive in the statement it was making, in the first place.

– perhaps they were meant to be ironic in inserting this line so innapropriately in the movie, where it was… but I found it VERY ill-placed and it ruined the flow of what was a fantastic film, for a brief moment.

Other than that, absolutely amazing and I would recommend to ANYONE – just go and see it – you should!


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