How long would it take to reach Alpha Centauri?

alpha centauri

How long would it take to reach Alpha Centauri?

Quick Answer: Tens of Thousands of years at least!

I read an interesting article a friend shared that said ‘nearest inhabitable planet found, 4.5 light years away’ and had to search 2 questions to get the answers that I wanted.

The answer to the question ‘How long would it take to reach Alpha Centauri?’ is ‘Too bloody long, to be a likely consideration.’

There are loads of scientific answers to the simple question, I read loads of them – at the slowest estimation about 137,000 years and at the quickest assuming scientific principles which a pretty much hypothetical only would be 27,000 years, roughly.

– But most of that is based on science fiction nonsense anyway.

It’s basically a logistical nightmare, bear in mind that by our own calendar, our lord and saviour was around 2000 years ago and there’s a fair amount of dispute about that.

Those disputes probably indicate Earth’s inhabitants would be incapable of pulling together significantly enough to make it a reality anyway.

…and I don’t know about you, but there are some people I know who are incapable of a 20 minute trip to the shops in the car, without creating ideal conditions for a mutually agreed murder/death/suicide pact.

The reason for writing this is just to get that silly question answered quicker, without creating a TL;DR post that informs me exactly why I never got a physics degree.

No, we’re not moving any time soon, guys!

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