Harsh, but fair..?

In the main, I like to think I am a nice person who only has nice things to say about others ? and at the other times, that I can demonstrate a level of decorum that elevates me above those that attempt to bring me down.

It?s possible to catch me off guard though, too.

It?s great when you can casually put someone down with a ?Go, boil your head!?, but sometimes the brush off isn?t quite enough?

I heard a variation on ?Go play with the traffic!? recently, but with a newer extended twist ??and can I suggest Dead Lions??

It reminded me again of one that I, myself, contrived and have come to use quite often about people I don?t particularly care for?

?I wouldn?t piss on him if he was on fire? [casually puff on cigarette]? [Exhale]? Okay, I would?just not to put him out..[Flick away cigarette and casually walk away]?

It?s a long story as to how that came about, and I might tell it again another day?

He also inspired a particularly unique insult from me? ?Surely it CAN?T be coincidence that his initials are M.F.??

– However that isn?t such a unique insult, because regardless of who?s initials you use, it always leaves the observer to fill in the blanks
(Try it with your own initials, or even mine, ?C.S? ?See what I mean??)

I just wandered if anyone else had come up with any particularly uniquely inspired insults, or modern variations on the older ones, which are now all too cliched?

Post them to me ? I?d love to hear what everyone else comes up with!

I haven?t got a video today ? but I am about to add a game to my ?Games Room? ? one that in my more naive and youthful days I used to play as a door canvasser ? cost me a few quids, but well ,we live and learn ? Welcome to the world of ?tipsy?.

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