Happy Birthday to me!

When your Birthday falls on a Sunday, there isn’t really very much you can do apart from recover from the hangover from the night before – of course if you wake up still half-cut, the chances are the hangover may take you into the following night.

I have had an incident with the toaster this morning – I left it to toast while I checked my emails and stuff…. thinking it would pop up even if a little burnt when finished – I didn’t realise this particualr function on the toaster was not working – as a result, not only was my toast burnt, but so was the toaster and the sideboard too when it caught fire.

Just to show you what an impressive display it was, I have taken a photograph of the toaster after I put it out…

toaster burnt

toaster fire

So after having a little bit of a stress because I couldn’t find a fire extinguisher – (Water not being the most effective method of putting a fire out on an electrical appliance) – rather heroically unplugged it and holding it by the cable, still burning, threw it outside and put the barbecue lid over it to put it out. – and then decided I wanted a photo of the impressive state it was in for my blog.

Anyways – went out last night with Jim, one of his neighbours and some of their friends – before I’d even finished my first beer, I was flat on my arse! Had a chair pulled from under me, which must have looked really quite funny and had me destined for chair wastedness for the remainder of the evening.

As I am another year older and frightened as hell about how the years seem to be slipping away – It was in the news this week that Britain’s Oldest Man, Henry Allingham died this week, although depending on who’s reporting it, he could have been 113 or 114 years old.

Anyway, when asked the secret of the longevity of his life, replied ‘Cigarettes and Whisky, and if that doesn’t work then a whole lot of wild, wild women’

I’ll tell you what – if I am destined to have a really long life, then that’s certainly the way I wanna go about it.

Also, I want to recount another story for those of you who haven’t seen it already on Facebook- while on my way to Jim’s last night, I saw a group of teenagers, waiting outside the shop for someone to buy them some cigarettes – One of them nodded over towards me and said, do you reckon he’s 18?’ to which his friend replied ‘Is he F*ck!?!’ – AWESOME!!

That teenager has made my whole year, especially when you consider that the oldest he could possibly be, without being able to buy cigs himself is 17, which means he could only have been around seven years old, at the most, on the day I turned 18!! BRILLIANT! ABSOLUTELY F**KING BRILLIANT!!

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