Glastonbury 2009

It’s fast approaching that time of year for the third running, where all I seem to be able to look forward to for any amount of time is Glasto – I used to get excited like this when I was a kid and my birthday was 3 months away and it’s such an awesome thing to be able to feel that level of pure heart racing excitement and anticipation.

Jim has no idea what he bought me into when he suggested Glasto for the first time ahead of the 2007 festival – and okay so 2007 was boggy and wet, but it was brilliant and the atmosphere unimaginable.

It was great, from the moment I was convinced I was seeing visitors from another planet – to the euphoric couple of hours in the stoned circle for the summer solstace – to right at the end, watching ‘The Who’ and getting ready to leave.

To have all of that again last year, but with sun and a wonderful group of people amongst the boarders, it was always going to be a tough act to folow this year – I still wonder if ALL the boarders realised what was in those Lenor bottles, and if any of them actually beleived us when we told the truth to them?

Okay, so we’ve set the standard for camp surprise this year and I can’t Fuffin’ wait!!

Anyway, haven’t actually posted a video for a bit, but in reverence of ‘The Killers’ who I got closest to at Glasto 2007, stagewise – I’ve posted the video for a very recent track they have released, ‘Human’.

I hate to be a bit of a sheep and posting current chart stuff isn’t really the point of me posting my videos – so in light of that I think it only fair that I post the video for their Glasto 2007 and one of my other favourite tracks by them… You can only imagine what it is like in that crowd, It would be great to see them again – The nature of the festival, though, is that I know whoever is in the line-up, there is going to be an immense plethera of musical talent.


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