Gladiators Arena Vs. Internet Battlefield

There was reason today to talk about the Saturday night Prime time series Gladiators – I can assure you, believe it or not, that it was relevant to business, although it might be adviseable not to quote the context at this stage.

My contribution to this discussion was that I was there for the first episode which Eunice Huthart – She went on to win two Gladiators Championships, take a role in the James Bond film Goldeneye, and is frequently a stunt double for Angelina Jolie.

If memory serves me right, there was a female contestant who was taken out of the competition, I am fairly sure that Eunice replaced her, but looking for confirmation of this, I am having no luck finding it online.

There were other female contestants involved with this episode and there’s only so much research I am willing to do to check my facts.

Gladiators was filmed at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, the crowd was electric, due in part to crowd warming entertainers during intervals in recording.

Moving swiftly on, in other news, Apparently there is an online war in process between those supporting the WikiLeaks website and those parties acting in an adverse manner to supporting them.

My official stance on this issue is that of a fence sitter, who is not apathetic to either party or group of parties, but does not really want to sit on one side or the other.

In my opinion, to report from the Pro-Wikileaks Side by submitting a Facebook status with a link to the site they are trying to block, by grinding it to a halt with volumous amounts of traffic, seems a little covertly sinister to me.

I can appreciate why Wikileaks supporters are defending their right to freedom of speech, but I beleive it is a perversion of justice to try and sensor those that hinder their pro-speech efforts

It is hypocritical and morally wrong to gag someone for inhibiting their involvement with someone else, when campaigning for free speech.

WikiLeaks is founded on information obtained using the Freedom of Information Act, in most part.

That means that the government has released information on the premise that it does not affect national security at this time, or so I am lead to believe, please correct e if I am wrong.

However some companies have taken advice on their stance regarding litigation they may face for their involvement.

Big capitalist companies, most of them, who are reviled by anyone who sees themselves as being treated unfairly in a capitalist society.

So anyone who is struggling in an economical crisis then?

These companies will have had loads of meetings to weigh up the value of money they make from payments and their involvement set against litigation they may be subjected to if they don;t take the best legal advice they could.

I have no doubt these are informed decisions of those people that put services in place that guarantee most people’s jobs.

It may be worth considering the consequences on your job if financial providers are taken out of action on a large scale.

These things CAN have an impact on our capitalistic greedy culture.

The phrase ‘Shit only ever rolls downhill’ comes to mind.

But hang on a second? – Isn’t it students, who often aren’t immediately affected by corporate profit usually prone to protests of anti-establishment?

Student protesters who rally in opposition to government policy?

Weren’t the students in a protest to close the capital over exuberant university fees recently?

And in a world of conspiracy theory, don’t the government ultimately control the media – The media which has publicised the Wikileaks scandal?

Has the government turned the heads of the students in the direction they want it to go in?

With the Rape charges against Julian Assange,the conspiracy theorists will already be going nuts, saying the whole story is contrived – but if Julian were to admit those charges at any point in the future, WikiLeaks supporters will definitely take a step back out of the limelight.

It would be very beneficial to the government and help them put the whole issue to bed, but is it not the case that they have taken the wind out of the sails of the Tuition Fees protest, simply by giving publicity to a more global issue that will wrap itself up very conveniently.

You have to love the apparent metaphor in both my discussion subjects, two contestants opposing each other -and they’re up against the Gladiators, too.

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