Posted by on April 28, 2009

I got chatting to someone online very recently – told them I was looking at ways I could bring more traffic across to my website; I’ll mention no names for who it was that gave this response, but they said “These days you either have to sing – or show some flesh!”

Anyone that’s ever heard me will personally vouch for the fact I cannot sing – but apparently there IS a limit to how far I will go for people, to get them to ‘double-click’.

Why I would wanna publish a page where my Facebook Friends, Family and Work Colleagues might be able to see me naked! –
See me naked!

Sexy Pic!

So, as a bit of a cop-out I have created this post referencing sex, just on this one occasion, with an image in it which might generate a few extra clicks, get a bit of a laugh from some, some condescending frowns from others – and loads of people unsure of whether they should click on the link in the post or not!..!?!!

Okay, so I’ve found it mildly amusing – but this is one post I reckon I might get a few comments on..!

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