Getting it.

I was thinking about what to write in my Blog – I have some pictures and videos of the last couple of months, that I will post here eventually.

I was thinking of mentioning some things, vaguely, that I am a little unhappy with and not really knowing how to resolve, but I think I have figured it out.

For some reason a memory popped into my head about a TV programme that was on when I was quite young.

The presenter made a cardboard box robot, which had a slot for the ‘tongue’ to move in and out.

When she had finished making it, she pulled out the tongue and a licorice allsort ‘came out’.

I was amazed and wanted some boxes so I could make one too – then I would have a never ending supply of sweets.

I was pondering this, and in and out of train of thought, thought how much of an impact being told something, has on a child.

Then I thought, well actually, how does that affect us later in our lives?

As a child it is really hammered home that we will do what we are told – It made me wonder if we continued this on into our adult lives, if we were programmed at this point to believe that doing what you are told is of a very high importance.

Recent conversations have perplexed me – in that I have told a couple of people to do things, and with little regard or consideration, that is what they have done.

But I also consider that this may be a solution to a particular scenario I am caught up in right now – maybe I just need to tell people what to do.

I know this carries risk with it, that people may take exception to this level of assertion, but I believe I can articulate in advance if this is likely to be a problem – and take cautionary action to prevent it backfiring on me.

So wish me luck and I will post again soon.

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