Free Thomas the Tank Object 3d model (from Blender)

Thomas and Friends iconThis video was created to share a 3D model of Thomas the Tank I had created – I have started an animation with it, but not got round to finishing it for the last two years, so just shared the model as some sort of Annual content/media sharing week: I got a request asking if it could be hosted elsewhere, I.e. on someone else’s site – sure why not?

The 3D object itself can be downloaded, textures and all, by going to

Here is the original Thomas Image I used for my front face view, to get the shape right:
Thomas and Friends icon v5

NB. You might think this was another 3D model created for my young son, as the JCB was. This is not the case.

I probably would have created the model differently with a lot less polys, if I had a bit more experience at the time.

The top of the post is an image I imagine people are looking for when they search ‘Thomas and Friends Icon’

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