Finally a post focussed on my work.

Obviously being in a new job,I have been reluctant to post about aspects of my new job – simply because anyone can access my blog at any time and it is always prudent to be cautious professionally.
Those people that know me, know I now work in a local mobility shop.

It’s been a typically busy week at work, early on, however the reason I am posting now is for the following reasons.

Firstly I got my contract and my probation period is over – it’s great to have a job I love so much, and assuring to know I have made all the right impressions, so far.

We are currently presenting a stand at the Mobility Roadshow 2009 from today until Saturday and I really enjoyed it today, there is lots going on at the roadshow and I am really looking forward to having a bit more of a look round tomorrow, if the opportunity presents itself.

There was something I just missed the last demo on at the end of today, but hopefully I will be able to go into more detail tomorrow, having gone for the demo – It IS exciting, I promise, I just don’t want to knock the wind out of my own sails for the media I have in store for tomorrow, if all goes to plan.

I have also been doing some work when I am able to invest my own time, in a website for the company – however it’s not live yet, so I can’t post a link to anything for it just yet.

I may link to it when it is live, but obviously that will come with full disclaimers Etc., as it would be silly of me to tie in what is obviously my personal website, which can and will sometimes include views, opinions, thoughts, rants and musings that probably are not considered PC enough to have any correllation whatsoever to my vocation.

Although… I am always deliberately vague, when it comes to my work life on and I would NEVER be silly enough to say anything that could be considered objectionable regarding my employers, I simply love my Job too much – It is a great business, wonderful company to work for, great people to work with and I get so much satisfaction from working there – That is all anyone ever needs to know.

It has been a really hectic week for me, however I have noticed a sudden upsurge in the number of people registering as users on my site, although no comments left, so welcome to all the new users, I thought I would give you something new to read, as I have been neglectful of my blog in the last week – to compensate, I should be able to play some media/ Video, actually featuring me tomorrow – so I look forward to you all coming back real soon.

After the weekend I will also be able to keep you updated on some other things which are current with me too – so I apologise for my neglect and will make up for it.

While doing the exhibition I have been out in the sun and become quite sunburnt… Prompting the suggestion for tonight’s video – some great and worthy advice in this video…!!

Oh and just very quickly – if you have not seen my Facebook recently – there are about a dozen new photos I am tagged in, which have made me smile, mostly from when I went away for the weekend, recently, with family.

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